Defibrillator Vest

If you have been directed by your doctor to start wearing a defibrillator vest, it is probably a short-term situation as a result of an upcoming pacemaker or implantable defibrillator insertion. For those that aren’t sure what a defibrillator vest is or how it works, don’t worry. It is a fairly simple device that is worn to monitor the heart to make sure it keeps working until the pacemaker or other device can be inserted. Obviously, a vest is not something that can be worn over a long-term basis. It is a short-term solution and should be regarded as such. Don’t feel like you will have to wear it forever! Not wearing a defibrillator vest could potentially put your life in danger, so taking heed to your doctor’s advice may just save your life.

What is a Defibrillator Vest?

Before knowing what a defibrillator vest is, it is important to know what a defibrillator is in general. A defibrillator is a machine that is used when the heart is failing or beating irregularly. This machine works to make sure the beating of the heart is rhythmic, with proper blood flow. The flow of blood to the various parts of our bodies is essential to make sure the body functions properly. Without blood (when the heart dies), we would not be able to live more than a couple minutes. When you are to the point where you need a defibrillator vest, heart disease has already set in. There is no reversing most of heart disease. But it is possible to extend the life of your heart by taking care of it and following your doctor’s advice.

One issue with a defibrillator vest is cost. They are very expensive, as they are not used by many hospitals. They are still experimental in nature, so if you are using one, you may be one of the few in your city or state that is wearing one. One complaint about the defibrillator vest is that it can be uncomfortable. That is normal, as you have to constantly wear a vest. Usually, these vests are not viewable under most clothes, so that is one advantage.

Living with a Defibrillator Vest

When you do get a defibrillator vest, make sure you keep in mind that it is a temporary solution. Don’t feel trapped in the vest! You will not have to wear the vest so much that you can’t take it off at all. For showers, you can remove the vest and clean it as well. This makes wearing it more feasible.

In the end, the defibrillator vest is there to save you or your loved one if something were to happen. Is it the most comfortable option? No, it isn’t, but it could save a life, so it is necessary. In the end, it is important to get the very best care and if that includes wearing a defibrillator vest, then so be it. It is only short-term and there are worse things than wearing a vest!

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